On 04/01/2022Siba Holdings has purchased 15.990.000 shares of BAF Vietnam Agriculture JSC (BaF, the Company). Accordingly, owning more than 20.5%, Siba Holdings officially became a Major Shareholder of BaF which is considered to hold many core competitive values in the market as one of the leading Enterprise in the Livestock industry.

According to some research, Mr. Truong Sy Ba is the Chairman of the Board of Directors (BOD) of Siba Holdings who own 98% shares, Mr. Ba is also the Chairman of the BOD of Tan Long Group – An enterprise specializing in the supply and production of Animal feed ingredients; Breeding; Rice Processing and Trading; Nuts Export and Import; Mineral mining and processing – Chemical producing; High-tech mechanical production. In terms of the business scale, Tan Long Group has a long history in developing ecosystem, as well as developing their coverage over the service and production segments of the business, whereby the average Revenue of the Parent company – Tan Long Group is about 2 billion USD/year. In terms of efficiency, Tan Long is considered as a special name when they have been always the leading “horse” holding key market share in all business segments in which they participate in.

Hanh Phuc Rice Factory – the largest Rice factory in South East Asia invested and operated by Tan Long group in  An Giang province

Tan Long is being highly rated by top Rice industry experts when it has repeatedly surpassed Rice supply enterprises from other countries in many bidding packages to supply high-quality Rice to Korean Government. Precisely, at the end of 2016, Tan Long, a Vietnamese private company, won the bidding package to supply high-quality Rice to the Korean government. In 2018, Tan Long won another bidding to export larger amount of 60,000 tons Rice to Korea. This is the first time that a Vietnamese private enterprise has beaten many International Companies from China, Thailand and Australia to win huge export package of 60,000 tons Japonica Rice to Korea in form of a Government tender. That is also the reason why Tan Long is called “King of International bidding” by their partners.

Until now, Tan Long has become a supplier of more than 75% of Japonica Rice to Korean market, and also exports Japonica Rice to Southeast Asian countries. Under the orientation of Tan Long’s leaders, and especially Mr. Truong Sy Ba, Tan Long has become a brand name representing the quality of Vietnam’s Rice industry with many famous featured products known as “lanh gao ngon com” mean “healthy Rice delicious meal” including ST21, ST24, Japonica and Jasmine…

“If your passion is not big enough, you won’t be able to pursue the Rice business” said Mr. Truong Sy Ba, Chairman of the BOD of Tan Long Group, confiding about the Rice segment that he has invested passionately for many years with the principle that quality and food safety must always come first.

According to 3Q 2020 Financial Statement, Rice export output of Tan Long reached more than 140,000 tons with a total Revenue of more than USD 70 million. In addition to the export market, Tan Long is also famous for the clean Rice brand “A An” – one of the brands that maintain and control the most strict and delicious Rice quality today. Within just 1 year since first launch in 2019, A An has become a trusted brand to many consumers when expanding rapidly to more than 50 stores and 10,000 retail points nationwide. According to Rice market estimation report by Tan Long, in 2021, more than 130,000 tons of rice has been sold to the Domestic market, and exported nearly 100,000 tons to many countries around the world, which includes many markets that are considered as fastidious as Korea.

A An Rice (Japonica, Jasmine and ST21) of Tan Long Group

Tan Long is also the leading Animal feed ingredients enterprise in Vietnam, accounting for more than 25% of the total annual national grain import volume, providing more than 400,000 tons of raw materials monthly for more than 250 customers and factories across the country.

From the perspective of many financial experts, Mr. Truong Sy Ba’s Siba Holdings becoming a Major Shareholder of BaF will bring many advantages to BaF as the “door of opportunity” for BaF to access Tan Long’s ecosystem. “I think Siba Holdings owning a significant share in BaF is a positive signal for BaF because Tan Long is currently the No. 1 importer and producer of Animal feed ingredients in Vietnam. If taking advantage of this opportunity, BaF will not only have the opportunity to access the best quality Animal Feed ingredients products of Tan Long, but also be more proactive in the input of Animal Feeds for the development of BaF’s live pig’s business. Besides, Siba Holdings is also the institution that runs Siba Food – a food chain with the motto “Fresh and delicious every day” that has been growing strongly recently. BaF products won’t need to worry so much about the output aspect. This is an interesting story about the “three legs of the cauldron” model between the parties in this story”, an investment fund expert specializing in the Livestock sector said.

Besides, the analysts also believe that, with the current reputation of Tan Long group in the International market, combined with the core value of being a leading Enterprise in the field of modern livestock production following 3F model (Feed – Farm – Food) of BaF, BaF’s high quality pork products can definitely appear on supermarket shelves of high standard markets such as Korea and Japan

Going back to the subject of BaF’s Major Shareholder, Siba Holdings aims to increase their ownership ratio in BaF to at least 35% in near future. In addition to becoming a Major Shareholder of BaF, Siba Holdings also owns high-quality food chain Siba Foods – a chain that is growing strongly and rapidly both in terms of new store openings and their network of loyal and repeat customers. Specifically, Siba Foods was established on December 5, 2020 with their full name of Siba Food Vietnam Joint Stock Company. Currently, Siba Foods has 25 stores and their distributed centers mainly present in 3 big cities: Hanoi (7), Ho Chi Minh (12) and Vinh (6). In the next coming months, there will be many new stores in 3 provinces mentioned above and 5 new stores in Hai Phong City.

On average, Stock keeping unit (SKUs) ranges from 100 SKUs to 500 SKUs, depending on the size of each Siba Food store, in which fresh food, especially pork, is currently the main product of the store. Until now, the main product at Siba Food’s Meat Shops is BaF’s high-quality 3F pork product, with the average number of live pigs consumed: at 12 pigs/day/23 stores, mean that each store consumes more than half a pig per day (30kg – 40kg).

Heading to 2025, Siba Food is expected to become and own the largest food chain/stores in Vietnam with approximately 5,000 Siba Food stores and 15,000 Meat shops. On that basis, Siba food’s management team sets an expectation that the daily consumption output is up to 20,000 live pigs, mean that monthly and yearly consumption is expected to reach an average of 600,000 pigs and 7.2 million pigs respectively.

Based on actual data, BaF is currently receiving great support from the Siba Food chain, and in near future BaF is expected to achieve more success from close relationship with Tan Long Group’s ecosystem. More than just being a leading Enterprise in Animal Feed ingredients and Rice, Tan Long group also focus on cashew nut, minerals and Tan Long Farm. By the end of September 2019, the purchasing volume in this 3 key markets of Tan Long reached more than 100,000 tons of raw material. In terms of mining, Tan Long focuses on exploiting, processing and exporting mineral products, with a total output of nearly 500,000 tons/year, including minerals such as coal, limestone, basalt, and phosphorus… The fact that Siba Holdings owns more than 35% of BaF will likely be the perfect piece to strengthen the ecosystem of the all parties, including the completion of the commercial meat and processed food segments of the whole Tan Long Group.

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