The model of BaF’s farms has been built based on Europe and American technology, ensuring absolute biosecurity compliance, protecting maximum animal health, and improving production capacity.

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BaF forms a strategic partnership with reputable breeder corporations around the world to select healthy, disease-free, wrong-breeding pigs specially adapted to Vietnam’s weather.

BaF sells broodstock to the market or to affiliate chains to meet the demand for re-herd, taking advantage of the cross-distribution channel of selling commercial bran and pork.

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BaF develops a nutritional strategy that is suitable to the development characteristics of each type of pig, helping pigs meet the best standard in terms of breed and meat quality.

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Vegetarian-fed Pork – BaF Meat

BaF Meat is the final product of our closed production process: Feed – Farm – Food. Raised from vegetarian bran help eliminated the risks of disease in the herd during their growth and better tasting.
BaF Meat is considered as soft, sweet, naturally clean based on husbandry standards, and safe for the consumers’ health.

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BaF agricultural products with large, homogeneous output according to a closed and strict preservation process, bring high–quality and nutritious finished products.

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