Shareholder relations

BaF is constantly improving, creating, and enhancing Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company the value of products and services; serving customers with the mission “improve the quality of life” and transparency in all activities. The company responds to the shareholders’ trust and long–term commitment by creating values and sustainable development. BaF confidently accomplishes the set goals with great determination, steadfastness, and steady ability.

BaF: Perfect Quality – Elevate your life

BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company was established in 2017 and mainly operates in animal feed, breeding piglets and commercial pigs based on the 3F with 100% closed chain model FEED – FARM – FOOD “from farm-to-table.”
In its production and business activities, BaF Vietnam always associates business efficiency with environmental protection efficiency, contributing to the economic promotion, and local job creation and action programs to improve society (education, community engagement, etc).

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