Message from the Board of Directors.

Dear Valued Customers, Business Partners, and Shareholders,

On behalf of BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company, we would like to send you all a sincere greeting and all best wishes.

It can seem that BaF Vietnam JSC concentrates on developing a strategic business chain model with 3F: Feed – Farm – Food. This model is built based on a completely closed process from farm-to-table, serving the pork product market with the following norms. They are Safe – Fresh – Delicious – Healthy to improve customers’ experience. We always appreciate every opportunity and trust that our valued customers, business partners, and shareholders have given to BaF Vietnam JSC.

BaF JSC was established in 2017 and has quickly seized the opportunity from the market to make the appropriate navigation decisions, apply technology and digital transformation, and flexible operation options to adapt appropriately in the context of the covid – 19 pandemic, etc. Therefore, we tend to complete and optimise our business activities, products and services. Besides, we also care about social responsibility, meaningful actions for the community and sustainable development. It is why BaF Vietnam is motivated to develop environment–friendly action programs, share with our society through useful volunteer programs, and join hands to contribute to the development of localities and regions.

In Vietnam’s economic growth, the livestock industry and food market open up to businesses many opportunities and possess many challenges. BaF Vietnam profoundly comprehends the importance of internal factors and corporate culture to the whole company’s development. Therefore, BaF Vietnam considers creating a professional, humane, and constantly innovative workplace as a necessary action to build durable bonds and a strong collective spirit. With all the enthusiasm and responsibility of the Board of Directors and the creative spirit, continuous learning is always available for all employees. BaF Vietnam is confident that we will achieve our main and new goals in the future.

On behalf of BaF Vietnam Agricultural Joint Stock Company, we would like to say many thanks for the trust and companionship of our valued customers, business partners, and shareholders. It is a great motivation for BaF Vietnam to be more stable to thrive in both size and business efficiency and to become one of the typical enterprises in Vietnam in terms of animal feed industry and supply of clean food. We will constantly improve to create and enhance the value of products and services by sustainable trends, and we will accompany our valued customers, business partners and shareholders to “IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE” as the mission of BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company.

We wish you all good health and great success.


Core Values

• To improve the lives of Vietnamese people by building a STRONG BODY – PEACEFUL SOUL – GOOD HEART through delicious, nutritious, safe and healthy meals with BaF food quality.
• With the ambition to become one of the leading enterprises in the animal feed and food processing industry in Viet Nam. BaF determines five core factors that possess a decisive impact on the success, effective development, consistency and sustainability of the whole company system, including:

– Breeding Strategy

– Human management

– Farming Technology

– Nutrition

– Biological safety


As the Vietnamese pioneer company to bring fresh, nutritious, clean, safe and quality products to consumers with a completely closed process that completes 3F standards “From Farm to Table”, BaF will enhance the QUALITY OF LIFE through improving the consumer experience, increasing economic benefits for the shareholders, ensuring the lives and careers of all employees as well as sharing responsibilities, contributing to Vietnam social development.


• To approach Vietnam’s Top 3 livestock companies as a pioneer in operating and
completing the 3F ecosystem.
• To apply modern livestock technology and become the leading brand of clean pork
in the whole country.
• BaF will completely control the valued chain in the agri-food industry by operating
a closed chain model from raw materials, factories, bran supply chains, slaughters,
meat processing systems, and distribution systems to consumers.


To approach Vietnam’s Top 3 livestock companies as a pioneer in operating and completing the 3F ecosystem

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Five-factor management model

BaF Vietnam offers five significant factors that have a decisive impact on the success of our effective, consistent and sustainable development of the entire company system.

Growth Journey

07/04/2017: BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company was officially established

Ten pig farms were operational

To expand investment and develop livestock farms in Myanmar

Exclusive strategic cooperation on the breeding stock with Genesus Group in Vietnam and Myanmar

– Inauguration of the retail supermarket chain SIBA Food
– Listing and trading BaF shares on Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HoSE)
– To put into operation BaF Tay Ninh animal feed factory with an area of 30,000 m2 and a capacity of 200,000 tons per year