BAF pork is produced based on VietGap standards, providing fresh quality and delicious, tender meat.

The company commits not to overuse antibiotics or the use of any banned antibiotics to ensure customers’ health and safety. BaF pork (Food) is the final result in the 3F chain and plays the most significant role, directly affecting consumers’ health. BaF pork is fresh, tender, delicious, sweetmeat, and the fat ratio is very suitable for the tastes of Asian people. The company commits not to use somatotropin and does not contain any artificial synthetic flavors – coloring ingredients – food preservatives, or genetically modified substances. BaF Viet Nam invests in building a slaughterhouse system and modern food processing plants to supply fresh and safe food for customers & consumers effectively. BaF pork is a livestock product from a chain of high-tech farms. This always ensures a clear origin and strictly complies with the stringent requirements for animal husbandry according to the world standards.

Besides the food processing factories, the company also orients to build a by-product processing factory to create meat and bone meal materials to optimize business efficiency throughout the chain and minimize the environmental impacts.