Owning the first 2 modern Animal Feed factories in Vietnam that reach Global GAP CFM 3.0 and FSSC 22000 v5.1 standards, BaF Vietnam Agriculture Joint Stock Company (BaF, Company) proactively reserves green feed sources with low production costs. Thereby contributing to the rapid development of the total herd and providing CLEAN and high quality pork products to the market.

BaF currently owns 2 modern Feed factories in Phu My and Tay Ninh with total capacity of up to 240,000 tons/year. The factories are fully automated and applying modern technology with international standards. In particular, Tay Ninh feed factory is the first factory in Vietnam to be granted the Global GAP CFM 3.0 – Global Good Agricultural Practices Certificate, FSSC 22000 ­v5.1 Food Management System certification by Bureau Veritas (BV)  – the long-standing reputable organization for testing and certification established in Belgium and headquartered in France. Global GAP CFM 3.0 is a set of standards on Good agricultural practice developed to apply to agricultural production on a global scale.

The FSSC 22000 v5.1 standard is the most advanced international standard for food safety systems recognized by GFSI – the Global Food Safety Initiative, which recognizes continuous improvement in performance as well as food safety system and is widely recognized around the world. This is a proud achievement when BaF has passed 3 evaluations, 229 strict criteria on feed production and business activities, 10 ISO 2200 provisions (food safety management) and 7 HACCP principles (A system that identifies, assesses and controls hazards that are significantly important to ensure food safety). These shows the professional and methodically approached investment in the production of feed – the first link in the 3F chain (FEED-FARM-FOOD) which determines the growth of the total herd as well as the quality of the pork products. Along with a team of nutritionists, the Feed factories has produced “Green Bran”, which does not contain ingredients from animal protein sources (such as bone meal, blood meal, feather meal, fish meal,…) and does not contain lean substances, colorants, weight gainers. This special formulation is strictly regulated in terms of quality and is applied to all BaF bran products from piglets, mature pigs to sows. The optimization of feed has significantly saved production costs, eliminated microbiological risks affecting animal health to  ensure nutrition for pigs and provide high quality CLEAN and flavoring pork products that good for the health of consumers. Combined with an operation of a closed modern breeding process, it can be affirmed that BaF’s pork source can be considered a genuine “Green Pork” – a completely different salient point of BaF in the livestock and distribution market.

For early 2023, BaF will expect to put into operation one more Nghe An feed factory with a capacity of 180,000 tons/year which applies the most modern technology and operation management system in Vietnam. This is the next factory that meets Global Gap CFM 3.0 and FSSC 22000 v5.1 standards for the whole system. This operation will increase the total capacity to more than 420,000 tons/year to ensure adequate source of high-quality feed for the rapid growth of the total herd.

The total herd reached 200,000 pigs, almost doubling the size over the same period last year

The success from applying the modern 3F (Feed-Farm-Food) model over the past 3 years has helped BaF make strong progress when it reached the Top 5 of Vietnam’s live pig market. BaF is most proactive in the source of green feed, ensuring nutrition for the total herd by owning 2 feed mills with a capacity of 260,000 tons/year; 20 modern closed farms across the country with modern 4.0 model meeting international standards; barn technology applying modern standards in the world and being transferred from large corporations from Europe and America such as: AP, Cristal, Skiold and Big Dutchman. For those reasons, the total herd of pigs of all kinds have been increased rapidly when reaching over 200,000 pigs, almost doubling the size over the same period last year. Besides, the put into operation of more than 60 Siba Food stores and 250 Meat Shop has completed the closed 3F chain according to the strategy of becoming Top 3 leading livestock companies in Vietnam.

BaF has been honored at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Award 2022 by Enterprise Asia

On 7th October 2022, at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2022 (APEA) Baf was honored for the first time “Corporate Excellence” Category. BaF is the only livestock company to be awarded this noble award. Organized by Asia Pacific’s leading non-governmental organization – Enterprise Asia which includes together 8,000+ Entrepreneurs, Enterprises operating in 24 Sectors of 24 Asia Pacific Countries with accumulated Net worth of Membership in the Organization of more than USD 50 billion.

The Awards are evaluated for both Financial and Non-Financial criteria. Marking a 16-year journey – APEA 2022 with the theme “Connect – Convergence – Honor”, honoring enterprises and entrepreneurs with outstanding achievements and qualities that form an engine of growth towards sustainable and progressive economic and social development in Vietnam and across Asia. The APEA Award once again affirms BaF’s position in the livestock sector, recognizes the efforts and achievements that BaF has achieved in 2022 and is also a great motivation for BaF to continuously striving to become one of the leading livestock producers in Vietnam.